Wheel Alignment Specialists in the Southampton Area

For reliable wheel alignment services in Southampton from local professionals with fifteen years of professional trade experience, visit the team at the Wheel Alignment Centre today. Checking the alignment of your wheels and adjusting them to specified manufacturer settings it a vital part of servicing and maintenance, particularly on today’s modern vehicles.

Correct alignment improves vehicle handling, increases fuel economy and reduces tyre wear for our Southampton and Hampshire customers.

If the geometry settings are incorrect, this has a detrimental effect on stability programs within the vehicle set-up. This can compromise vehicle performance and components.

Full Camber Angle and Castor Angle Checks

Our professional team checks your Castor and camber to make sure they meet specification. Because we trade as wheel alignment and balancing specialists, we can provide fast and permanent solutions that are proven to reduce premature tyre wear.

We have the latest equipment at our Southampton workshop that allows us to balance tyres effectively. This ensures static weight distribution is even across the entire vehicle. Our work results in a superior and safer driving experience that not only preserves vital components but also protects the welfare of you, your family, your passengers and other road users.

  • Full Four-Wheel Geometry Measurements
  • Adjustments for Toe, Castor and Camber Angle
  • Uneven Tyre Wear Solutions
  • Drifting Problems Solutions
  • Offset Steering Wheel Solutions
  • Cam Bolts and Shims Supplied and Fitted
  • Accident Damage Diagnostics
  • Printouts Available
  • Fifteen Years of Experience
  • Covering the Southampton and Hampshire Areas

Our workshop in Southampton is open from 8.00am until late, Monday to Friday, and from 8.00am until 12.30pm on Saturday morning. We provide wheel alignment services to reduce tyre wear on all vehicle makes and models, from modern to vintage. We can be found at fully equipped premises on the City Industrial Park in Southern Road.

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