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Wheel Alignment in Southampton

The Wheel Alignment Centre has been set up, because research has shown there is a major demand in the Southampton area for a dedicated wheel alignment service. Working closely with the country's leading equipment manufacturer, using the latest state of art Computerised wheel alignment equipment. We can offer to the trade and public alike a truly professional service. Full geometry measurements and adjustments can be carried out. A printed alignment report is issued on every job if required. This allows our customers to have a reference to use every time an alignment procedure is carried out.

With over fifteen years’ experience in the wheel alignment centre, corner weight measuring in Southampton, we can offer advice on all aspects of car handling / wheel alignment issues and concerns. As an example, most companies use manufactures alignment settings as their rule. We have found that sometimes cars need to be set outside these parameters to achieve the best results in handling and tyre wear. Because of our experience we are able to calculate which settings are best suited for the cars concerned.

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